Pampa Furniture

Pampa's History

Pampaís first store opened its doors in Los Angeles in 1990. Then, as now, the Pampa store sold furniture of exceptional quality and beauty, at a price that customers could afford. At that time, Pampa also opened its own factory downtown, earning it the distinction of becoming the first in Los Angeles to individually handcraft each piece of furniture. Pampa quickly gained a glowing reputation in Los Angeles, and became one of its premiere furniture stores.

With its high standing in the Los Angeles community, Pampa was able to open two more stores to better serve all parts of the L.A. area. Today, the companyís family-owners manage the Pampa collection, traveling the world in search of superbly crafted and eye-catching pieces to import. They also work closely with the artisans at the Pampa furniture factory to create comfortable, captivating, and durable pieces.

Pampa takes great pride that it can offer top quality furniture at a fraction of the cost of its competitors, because it imports directly -- with no middleman to raise the price -- and because it has its own craftsmen at its own Los Angeles factory.

Furniture is a passion at Pampa, truly one of L.A.ís preferred furniture importers and builders. With Pampaís rich history and a belief that excellence and value never go out of style, Pampa Furniture continues to provide its customers with fine quality furnishings at unbeatable prices.